What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

The Asscher cut diamond is a step-cut diamond. It is very similar to the emerald cut. The Asscher cut is a blend of both the princess cut diamond and the emerald cut. This cut has X-shaped facets that start at the corners and move to the center. 

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

This cut of diamonds was designed by Joseph Asscher, the grandson of the  I.J. Asscher Diamond Company’s founder  in 1902. It did not gain popularity for rings until the 1920s with the birth of the vintage look. The Asscher cut lost popularity, being found mainly in vintage jewelry stores during the Great Depression. It regained it’s popularity in the early 2000’s.

Characteristics Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Types Of Asscher Cuts

When you shop for the Asscher cut diamond you will find one of two kinds:

  • Standard cut- 58 facet cut that reflects an Art Deco style. 
  • Royal cut- 74 facet cut with a higher crown and 16 added facets. 


With a flat table, you get an unobstructed view of the center of the diamond. This view allows any imperfections to be seen with the naked eye. Obstructions are quite easy to see, so it is recommended to get a clarity grade of at least VS2. 


Color is more of a personal preference with Asscher cut. Although this cut has a step cut, you can get a lower grade color than if you were to have a different cut. It is often recommended that the lowest you go for an Asscher cut stone is a grade H. 


Depth of a diamond is measured from the very top to the lowest point, also called a culet. Asscher diamonds are best between a 60%-68% depth. Anything larger than that and the stone will look as if it is disappearing on itself. 

The depth of a ring helps make the stone look bigger, even though it is a smaller carat. The shallower the stone and the larger table helps you not pay for weight that you cannot see. 



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