What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

Radiant-cut diamonds have the outline of an emerald-cut diamond but with added brilliance. This cut is symmetrical and a combination of both the round diamond and the emerald cut. You’ll find that the radiant cut has the best qualities of many popular diamond cuts. 

This cut is also commonly called the rectangular modified brilliant diamond. This cut is often referred to as a hybrid because they combine the shapes of other cuts. The thing that makes radiant stand out from others is the beveled corners. 

History of the Radiant Cut

The radiant cut was created in the 1970s by Henry Grossbard. He was a part of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company.  The company released this cut in 1977. 

Rectangular cuts before the radiant cut came to creation had fewer facets and far less attention to detail. This was the first time that intricate facets were used within a diamond. 

Characteristics Of Radiant-Cut Diamonds


Inclusions are hard to spot on radiant-cut diamonds. You can go down to the clarity level of an SI1 or an SI2 and still have clarity to the naked eye. For shopping on a budget, you can even select an I1 diamond and still have a clean-looking diamond. 

Larger diamonds will show more inclusions. So, if you’re looking to purchase any radiant-cut diamond that is Two carats or more, then you’re best to get VS2. You’ll want a higher clarity level so that you can have a clearer diamond without many inclusions.


A radiant-cut diamond will show more color than a round brilliant diamond. This cut allows you to select an H or an I color grade and still allow for it to appear white in your setting. If you choose a yellow or rose gold setting, then you can select a lower color grade since the color of the metal will reflect in the gem anyway. 

Bow-Tie Effect In Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds have something called the bowtie effect. This is similar to ovals, pears, and marquise-cut diamonds. The bowtie effect is shown by a dark band throughout the center of the diamond. The lower-quality cuts will have darker bands than those that are well-cut. A poorly cut diamond will have a dark band through the center of the diamond. The higher cuts will have a beautiful sparkle in the center. 


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