An Essential Guide To Finding Unique Necklaces

An Essential Guide To Finding Unique Necklaces

Necklaces are indeed one of the most striking and elegant kinds of jewelry out there. These accessories can not only upgrade your style, but might also be the asset that is missing in your collection and you haven’t even noticed it yet. If you are aiming for that sophisticated look, or a more exciting one but you don't know where to start, necklaces might be a stunning option to go for.

With that in mind, we have prepared a few tips to find astonishing and unique necklaces that speak to your personality in no time. Let’s get into it!

How to choose unique and fashionable necklaces

unique and fashionable necklaces

When it comes to stunning and remarkable necklaces, there is nothing more iconic than wearing a piece of jewelry that matches your personality perfectly. With these charming accessories, you can not only raise the bar of your fashion game, but also, you can do so  by wearing a single item with a lot of meaning. 

So, you don’t need to go the extra mile to achieve this goal; it all depends on how you want to tell your story with jewelry. However, in some cases, people might choose more vivacious and opulent necklaces since these marvelous accessories are a great option for a show-stopping piece of jewelry as well. Necklaces are some of the most versatile types of jewelry, so you can go subtle, or all out!

With that said, you might be wondering how to choose a necklace that is the perfect combination of your style. One way to do that is by experimenting, since there are a variety of options to choose from. But before you start your journey, we have rounded up a few tips for you to get inspired.

What is the most popular necklace style?

diamond necklace

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding these accessories is: “What kind of necklaces are in style?” Well, the answer depends heavily on your personality and lifestyle; after all, only you can define what is best for you. With that said, we recommend you start trying different necklaces so you can have an idea of what draws your attention and also which designs don’t seem appealing to you.

Among the most popular options are diamond collars and chokers, chain links, gold chains, curb chains, and minimalist necklaces with a delicate touch as well. Therefore, it is important to keep your mind open to the possibilities these timeless accessories have to offer. This way, you can start your own fashion trend.

Sleek and stylish chains 

chains necklace

If you are interested in a “simple and clean” style, chains are undoubtedly a subtle but still remarkable way to make every day special, as these essentials can go with everything. Yellow and rose gold paperclip chains, Figaro chains, silver carved tubular chains, and oxidized silver chains are great examples of being in style while wearing a piece of jewelry that fits a minimalistic aesthetic.

In case you have a bold look in mind, you can definitely go for a yellow gold triangle necklace,  a 14k white gold pear-shaped diamond pendant, a 14k gold diamond crescent moon pendant, or a14k gold diamond cluster necklace. These accessories are sure to make you stand out with elegance.

Alluring and captivating necklaces and pendants 


If you are into a more delicate and intricate piece of jewelry, you will fall in love with the 14k gold turquoise enamel necklace, the 14k gold beaded lariat, and the 14k gold diamond dangle drop necklace, as well as the 14k gold diamond starfish lariat necklace. 

These pieces of jewelry are very romantic and pristine options and might be the finishing touch you need. Especially when it comes to wearing accessories that can help you tell a story about yourself or an important person or event in your life.

From mesmerizing thin rose gold paperclip chains to dreamy diamond dangle drop necklaces, here at Kravit Jewelers, you will find the most iconic and game-changing accessories to add to your collection.

Where to find the most alluring and fashionable necklaces in Oceanside, NY

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