Unique Non-Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands for Grooms

Unique Non-Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands for Grooms

Standard wedding bands are usually a go-to option that most grooms choose when the special moment comes. However, if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that makes a statement everywhere you go, alternative wedding bands might be right up your alley. Let’s get into our guide for more details on this topic.

How to style Men’s wedding bands

Remember: there is no “right or wrong” when thinking of men’s wedding bands! Since exchanging rings is a one-of-a-kind experience in somebody’s life, your choice must be thoughtful. But that does not mean this has to be a challenging task. On the contrary, it means that you have the opportunity to showcase your personality freely — while choosing the right piece that best suits your style! 

In fact, wedding bands are vital accessories that can be worn to make you exude uniqueness and class. But of course, even though you
are free to make up your style, a few tips will help you get the hang of it and make you stand out with your look.

So, let’s go over our guide that will support you with some information on the matter.

Best colors for Men’s Wedding bands

colors wedding bands

Remember that even one small detail can change everything, from your outfit to the impression you leave on others, especially during the wedding ceremony. So, the color you choose is also essential. 

For wedding bands, there is also a different value. It is undoubtedly a piece of jewelry with lots of meaning. For instance, the symbology of the band, the circular shape, is considered a symbol of infinity. What color can best illustrate your feelings for your significant other?

The wedding bands represent eternal love between two people as it has no beginning or end. Based on that, it is crucial to choose the style that also speaks about the relationship, so the color of choice can correspond to that — adding more meaning to it! 

Now with these tips, you can definitely find one unique to your taste.

Titanium and gold men’s wedding bands

In addition to the meaning of color, when we talk about gold wedding bands, they usually come in white, yellow, rose, and black. For now, we are going to cover a different one, a piece that represents strength — which is the titanium wedding band! 

Regardless of your personal concerns, the good news is that titanium is a super strong material, so if you are not sure about the durability due to the activities of your daily life, this one might be the right choice. These bands are exactly what you need to face your daily battles, no matter how big or small. 

Titanium men’s wedding bands are way more robust than steel. Unlike gold jewelry, titanium is resistant to scratches and corrosion even if you wear it frequently.

In a few cases, grooms who are not used to jewelry can feel apprehensive about wearing a band forever; even the color of choice might be an issue. For that, If you still enjoy the idea of having wedding bands but do not feel like wearing one on your hand, you can wear it on a chain.
Rose gold Wedding bands

Rose gold Men’s Wedding bands

For instance, if you go for rose gold wedding bands, these unique and graceful rings will definitely stand out. Rose gold is the charming result of a pure gold and copper blending. Copper is the one element responsible for that rose gold signature hue, and it also helps maintain the durability of this lustrous jewelry.

It is usually stated that rose gold looks good on warm and cool skin tones, but it particularly suits anyone attracted to those tones. Remember that only you know what matches your style. But, be aware that copper is not hypoallergenic if you have any skin allergies.

On the durability of the piece, most certainly, you will have no problems. But in case something goes wrong, you can count on our team of specialists from Kravit Jewelers. And besides that, you can also check our other services in this jewelry repair guide. Take a look!

The best men’s wedding bands in Oceanside, NY


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