The Ultimate Guide To Stunning Lab-Grown Diamonds

The Ultimate Guide To Stunning Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are the pinnacle innovation in terms of affordable, eco-friendly luxury. They are not only a classic ore, but also a uniquely modern way to carry elegance wherever you go with exquisite pieces of jewelry. Thus, we created this helpful guide to assist you in discovering all you need to know about them.

What is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are as beautiful as naturally occurring ones, making them equally desired. But of course,
they are created in a laboratory, as opposed to natural diamonds, which are formed by nature.

We understand that the idea of making diamonds in a lab could be a little confusing, and you might have a lot of questions about it.
But, to simplify, scientists can simulate the natural process that results in the creation
of diamonds in a controlled environment to create lab-grown diamonds.
The greatest revolution that scientists have achieved with lab diamonds is regarding time. Naturally formed diamonds take
millions of years to be created, but thanks to scientific advancement, the modern lab-grown diamonds can be grown
in around two months – which is brilliant!

After all, many factors make lab-grown diamonds a good competitor over natural minerals.
They are much more sustainable, ethical, and affordable than their mined counterparts, making it
impossible not to love them.
lab-grown diamonds

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Absolutely! The only difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is the growth environment. However, they share the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as diamonds that are mined.

Indeed, the US Federal Trade Commission has even removed the word “natural” from the definition of a “diamond” since lab-grown diamonds, and mined diamonds are equivalent.
Lab-grown diamond jewelry

Lab-grown diamond jewelry

They are similar to mined diamonds when it comes to jewelry. So, there are countless jewelry designs that can be made with lab-grown diamonds, but they are especially an excellent choice for beautiful engagement rings.

A true love story begins with an engagement ring. It stands for an agreement, a promise of love with a significant other. If you’re planning to make the expected proposal to your girlfriend,
you can’t go wrong with lab-grown diamonds!

We have a stunning collection of enthralling diamond pieces. You can pick based on your favorite cut – it can be princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, or the classical round brilliant cut.

With lab-grown diamonds, you will be able to easily make your choice more sustainable and ethical by opting for an impressive and enthralling piece of jewelry.
lab-grown diamonds made

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Now that you know what lab-grown diamonds are, as well as how interesting they are,  the question remains: "how are they made?” And remembering how mineral diamonds are formed in nature can help us answer this question.

Natural diamonds must go through a process that takes several years to complete. Studies indicate that the earliest diamonds appeared about 2.5 billion years ago. 

The only environments on Earth that can support the exceptionally high temperatures and pressures needed for the formation of natural diamonds are those found in the mantle, 150 kilometers below the surface, where temperatures reach at least 1,050 degrees Celsius. The most stable areas are found beneath the continental crust, where these diamond stability zones are discovered.

In contrast, creating diamonds in a lab requires different factors, such as cutting-edge machinery, carbon, enormous pressure, and extremely high temperatures, all in a controlled environment as similar to nature as possible.

Diamonds can be grown in the lab using either Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) – two different methods to produce them.

Both of those processes are extremely complicated, but to put it simply, a "diamond seed" is put inside a sealed chamber and heated and pressured until its tiny carbon particles dissolve and crystallize into a fully formed diamond.

Although it may seem like a strange procedure, nature also goes through that. The difference is that scientists can grow diamonds in a matter of months, whereas nature takes millions of years – which it's very incredible!

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