What Is Diamond Color?

Have you ever wondered why some diamonds look slightly different than others? Maybe some are not as clear as others and you are wondering what determines that crystal clear color that some diamonds have. What you want to know is the diamond color diamonds have. Diamond color refers to the color or lack of color, in fact, that is within the diamond. A colorless diamond is considered to be of the highest quality and resembles ice, while diamonds with a slight coloration or even yellow and brown diamonds are not quality diamonds. 

How is diamond color determined? 

Diamond color is determined based on a grading scale from D to Z. An experienced diamond grader has a master set of diamonds that he uses to compare other diamonds to and determine what their color grade is. D would be the grade that you are looking for if you truly want to find a colorless diamond.

While an experienced grader can grade diamond color on all diamonds including those that are loose or in a setting, the best and most accurate results are determined by loose diamonds, where color is not influenced by the color of the setting. 

What diamond color sparkles the most?

If you are looking for sparkle, you might be concerned about whether or not the diamond color affects its ability to sparkle. Color is indeed an influencer when it comes to the amount of sparkle that you will get from a diamond. This is because diamonds typically take in the light before reflecting and if there is a color in the diamond, it will not reflect as well as if it was colorless. If the diamond reflects less light, then it will produce less sparkle. 

While D is the highest quality diamond and will produce the most sparkle, you can still get away with purchasing a less expensive diamond with a lower grade in regards to color, without compromising the sparkle. If you purchase diamonds that are graded E or F, you will still get a good amount of sparkle, and you won't have to spend as much as you would have to on a diamond grade D for color. 

Diamond color might be important to some individuals but there are still diamonds that are perfectly beautiful and are not as expensive as a colorless diamond. If price is not an issue though, you might enjoy splurging on a D diamond to get the most sparkle and transparency that a diamond can offer. 

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