Lab Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

There is much debate about lab grown diamonds vs real diamonds. When it comes to lab grown diamonds, they are just as legitimate as real, natural, mined diamonds. Both diamonds are physically and chemically the same. The only difference is the process and the time that it takes to grow the diamonds. 

Lab Grown vs Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are often considered to be “more valuable” because they take billions of years to form. Many couples view a natural diamond as better because they have the idea that since diamonds take forever to make that “love is forever” as well. 

Lab grown diamonds can take up to 10 weeks to be made in the lab. No matter the chemical procedure that is done, lab grown diamonds come out with the same physical and chemical properties, making them almost indistinguishable. 

The Value of a Lab-Grown Diamond

A perfect diamond is incredibly rare to find naturally. If and when they are found, these natural diamonds that are considered perfect by all ratings tend to be incredibly expensive. Lab-grown diamonds help make getting a flawless diamond more of a reality. Both kinds of diamonds will have various amounts of inclusions, some inclusions more visible than others. These inclusions can almost be looked at as being somewhat of a “fingerprint” for each diamond. 

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value? 

Just like with mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are judged by the 4Cs to determine the best price for your diamond. All Diamonds are priced wholesale and retail based on the Rapaport system, one that is similar to an “MSRP.” 

You can resell your lab-grown diamonds and they will have value; it all depends on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can find lab grown diamonds in larger sizes and fancy shapes. It all depends on your style and your budget. There are many different sizes and shapes of diamonds, so selling your own lab grown diamond will depend on the jeweler and whether they are looking to buy your diamond. It is best to call around and ask about selling your lab grown diamond, if you are planning to upgrade your diamond. 


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