Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

At Kravit Jewelers, we understand that an engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of love and commitment. However, finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a challenge. Whether due to an initial sizing mishap or changes in finger size over time, the question arises: can engagement rings be resized? The answer is a resounding yes, and we're here to guide you through the process.

Factors Affecting Resizing

Material of the Ring

The type of material plays a crucial role in resizing. Gold, platinum, and silver, each with its unique properties, require different techniques. At Kravit Jewelers, our expertise in handling various materials ensures your ring's integrity during resizing.

Design of the Ring

The ring's design, especially if it features intricate patterns or multiple stones, can impact the resizing process. Our skilled artisans are adept at preserving the design's essence, ensuring the adjustment is seamless and true to the original style.

Size Adjustment

Generally, a ring can be resized up to two sizes smaller or larger. Our team at Kravit Jewelers will evaluate your ring to determine the optimal adjustment, balancing aesthetics with comfort.

The Resizing Process

Resizing involves carefully cutting the band, adding or removing material, and then meticulously reshaping it. Our craftsmen at Kravit Jewelers perform this delicate process with the utmost precision, ensuring a perfect fit.

Time and Cost

The duration and cost depend on the complexity of the resizing. We pride ourselves on providing transparent, competitive pricing and timely service, without compromising on quality.

Considerations Before Resizing

  • Value and Integrity of the Ring

Resizing can affect a ring's value and structure. At Kravit Jewelers, we handle each piece with the respect and care it deserves, maintaining its value and integrity.

  • Alternative Solutions

For minor adjustments, alternatives like ring adjusters might be suitable. We'll discuss all available options to find the best solution for you.

Choosing a Jeweler for Resizing

Qualifications and Experience

The importance of selecting a skilled jeweler cannot be overstated. With three generations of experience, Kravit Jewelers embodies trust and expertise in every service we offer.

What to Look For

Look for a jeweler with positive reviews and a portfolio of high-quality work. We invite you to explore our history of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Tips After Resizing

We provide guidance on caring for your resized ring, ensuring its beauty and durability for years to come. Here are a few tips:

  • Regular Inspections: After resizing, it's important to have your ring regularly inspected by a professional jeweler. This helps ensure that the resizing has not affected the setting and that stones, if any, remain secure.
  • Careful Cleaning: Be gentle when cleaning your resized ring. Use a soft brush and mild soap solution, avoiding harsh chemicals. It's also wise to occasionally have it professionally cleaned to maintain its sparkle.
  • Mind the Fit: Pay attention to how the ring fits after resizing. If you notice any discomfort or if the ring is too loose or tight, consult with your jeweler. A perfect fit is crucial not only for comfort but also for the safety of the ring.
  • Avoid Stress on the Band: Try to avoid putting undue stress on your ring's band. Activities that involve heavy lifting or strenuous use of your hands might bend or misshape the ring, especially soon after resizing.
  • Periodic Adjustments: Be open to the possibility that your ring might need further adjustments in the future. Finger sizes can change due to various factors like weather, diet, or health conditions.
  • Insurance Update: If your ring is insured, update your policy post-resizing. Ensure that the insurance covers any new modifications or changes in value.
  • Professional Advice: Always seek professional advice for any concerns regarding your resized ring. A reputable jeweler can provide guidance on care, maintenance, and any necessary adjustments.


At Kravit Jewelers, we're committed to ensuring your engagement ring is a perfect fit. Our passion for fine jewelry and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for all your jewelry needs. We answer common questions about ring resizing, providing clarity and confidence in your decisions.

Visit us at Kravit Jewelers for a private consultation. Our experts are ready to assist you with resizing and any other jewelry needs.

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