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 At Kravit we guarantee you will receive the best price when selling your unwanted or outdated jewelry. Our buying team are certified gemologists and use up to the minute pricing to provide you with the most for your pieces.

 We take it a step further.

With every purchase we will provide a Free consultation on how you can transform your unwanted jewelry into a timeless one of a kind treasured piece.


Over the past 89 Years the Kravit custom fabrication team has created thousands of one of a kind pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime and passed down for generations to come. With our state-of- the-art CAD systems and Bench Jewelers with decades of training and experience we guarantee a one-of-a-kind piece.


As we go through life, things change. At Kravit we are your jeweler for life and we help make sure your jewelry is the perfect fit all through the years. Our seasoned fabricators will take the time and care to resize or update any piece of jewelry and make it fit like the first day you got it.


Precious metals and stones will shine so bright for eternity when cleaned and polished by caring, experienced hands. Let us put that shine back in your entire jewelry collection while you wait making it look brand new all over again.


When it comes to repairs, there is no one better than Kravit. Our repair and fabrication team has over 50 years combined experience and has seen it all. The right tools, experience and patience are what it takes to bring your cherished piece back to its original form. Rest assured your jewelry will be in good hands.

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