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Gold and Silver Anklets for Women

Put your best foot forward with gorgeous anklets from Kravit Jewelers. Popular during the 90’s, they dangled around the ankles of anyone who was anyone. They were paired with everything; 18k gold anklets embellished heels, flats, sneakers, and everything in between.

Today, they’re making a comeback. These elegant pieces dress up any ensemble. Pair 14k rose gold anklets with strappy sandals for a poolside party, for instance. You could also add polish to white sneakers and denims with sterling silver pieces for a weekend getaway and adorn sleek party heels with 14k solid gold anklets. If you’re the adventurous type, layer them, mix and match styles for a bold, textured look.

Kravit Jewelers presents anklets that are as finely crafted as any of our rings and bracelets. Skilled artisans create each piece from precious materials and adorn them with beads, gems, or metal charms. Our line features various styles — from single-strand pieces to dangling charms — that are perfect for casual meet-ups or dressy dinners.

Add a dash of elegance to your footwear with our dainty jewelry. Reach out to Kravit Jewelers for the perfect chain today.

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