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How To Protect Your Jewelry From Theft

Naledi Aloise Engagement Ring

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’d know that a rash of robberies targeting celebs have left them bereft of thousands of dollars of jewelry. From the high profile robbery in a Paris hotel of Kim Kardashian, to the most recent robbery of Shameless star Emmy Rossum, the target is fine jewelry. With our 24/7 culture of oversharing via digital platforms, thieves have found excellent ways to case victims.

Most of us don’t own the kind of jewelry that the average celebrity owns, but we do own expensive treasured possessions that would leave us heartbroken if they were lost or stolen.

Here are some ways you can protect your most prized jewelry treasures.

Keep Your Comings and Goings Off  Social Media

Many of us document our travels on social media, but this is a red flag for thieves. Knowing when your house will be unoccupied is a perfect time for them to rob you without worrying about getting caught. Wait until after your vacation to post those pics, and never announce the days or time when you won’t be home.

Don’t Geotag Your Jewelry Posts
The easiest way for a local thief to find you is to post photos of your jewelry to Instagram or Facebook and then Geotag it. If you can’t refrain from posting that engagement ring pic, (and why should you?!) don’t geotag the post.

 Get Jewelry Insurance

In the unfortunate event that your jewelry is lost or stolen, keep yourself protected with a trusted jewelry insurer like Jewelers Mutual. Getting a quote is fast and easy. Make an appointment for an appraisal with one of our qualified appraisers and get a quote instantly. Email Us to Make an Appointment Today

to set up an appointment today.


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